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Installed my Drivers, but then...

..nothing happens.

Okay, so here's the scoop.

I recently underwent on a quest of installing a new power supply and a new graphics card so that I could have a better experience with photoshop and Secondlife on my HP P7-1054 desk top.

I got a Sapphire 6850 HD.

So I installed my new graphics card and I guess it's in there right because my computer is working. So I disabled the AMD Radeon 4200 Chipset that I had in my computer - and my computer proceeded to freak out, wondering where it's graphics drivers were. I put in the CD with the new drivers and it installs something from ATI and afterwards, nothing happens.

Okay, so I reboot.

My 4200 drivers are back and it turns out I've somehow updated all of them rather than installed 6850 drivers? So I uninstall the 4200 drivers, reinstall the things that came with the 6850 disk, and my system still doesn't recognize that I have these new drivers.

I have tried downloading them from the Sapphire website as well.

I am ~not~ a techno savy person. So I must be doing something wrong. Just can't figure out which. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Danke.
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More about installed drivers then
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    try formating and try again
  2. night wolf said:
    try formating and try again

    How do I do this? Format what? :o
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