Running Adobe CS 6 faster

I would like to improve my pc's performance in Premiere and After Effects CS6, if I can improve one thing what would you guys recommend.

Here is my rig:

Intel DH55HC Motherboard

i3 cpu 540 @ 3.07 GHz

16GB ram

AMD Radeon HD 6670

Mostly I am wondering of I should upgrade to an i7 (probably a 3770k) or a Nvidia CUDA graphics card. Really not sure which I should go for so let me know, thanks.
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  1. A new CPU and maybe a SSD will do good!
    Super ninja powder monkeys?
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    just one thing? i7-3930
    you dont list your whole system but adobe likes to have a system disk, a scratch disk, and a data disk. This alleviates HDD thrashing trying to read and write to the same drive. case your system only has 1 drive in it.
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