Intel core i7 3930k vs intel core i7 3770k

I am building a system, that will be used to host 2 minecraft servers, a website, and to play minecraft of course :). My problem is, do I want to get a 6 core Sandy Bridge Processor and Have 12 threads running at 3.5 GHz (intel core i7 3930k) or Do I go with a smaller Ivy Bridge and get only 4 cores (8 threads) running at 3.9 GHz (intel core i7 3770k).
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  1. It will have 8GB of ram, a 120GB SSD and a HD 7850 or an HD 7870
  2. Utilization of cores is a function of the application programming.
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    As Price was saying the real issue is if the applications that you are going to be run will take advantage of the additional threads. Since you are talking about running a couple minecraft servers, a website, and playing minecraft; the next question is how many people are hitting on your site and servers at once. If you are not getting many people hitting you should be good with the Intel® Core™ i7-3770K however if you are looking 5 or more people hitting on your server you might need to move up to the Intel Core i7-3930K.
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