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I'm unsure about where to post this, so please move if need be. My motherboard is the Intel LGA775 DP45SG Extreme Series,
and my case is an Antec Nine Hundred. I can't get anything to work! The LEDs on the case and the case fans won't run. I don't know how to hook up the HD Audio either, the Antec Nine Hundred HD Audio thing has 10 "pins" but the HD Audio Link on the motherboard has like 16 I think. Does that mean they are incompatible because I think my old dead mobo had the same thing going on but I wasnt paying attention when I was taking everything out. I just know this SHOULD work and its not! This is the 2nd case I have received from newegg and nothing works. the stupid light on the motherboard turns on, so I ASSUMED it was the case that was the problem. So, now I can't even send the mobo back because its been over 30 days. I figured if the light on the motherboard was running, it couldn't be the motherboard that was the problem. I just want my damn system to work, and I have everything I need except the compatible CPU. Would not having the correct CPU make it where the WHOLE SYSTEM acts like its just completely dead??? I don't get what the hell I'm supposed to do..
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  1. What do you mean you don't have a compatible processor? What processor are you trying to use?
    Here's the CPU list for that board:
  2. ^^^what he said but to answer your question. Yes, if the cpu isnt funtioning the motherbd wont be able to turn on the power supply. I hope you haven't killed your otherbd trying to to turn on your system with an incompatible cpu installed. Maybe you meant you dont have one installed at all. That would be better.
  3. So, the CPU is perhaps the culprit? When I purchased my motherboard, I was misinformed that my Pentium 4 Cedar Mill single-core CPU was compatible with my board. I have since found out it is not, so I have no compatible CPU. I don't have the CPU in the motherboard, its stored away elsewhere. I figured the motherboard would still power on even without the CPU.
  4. That's like thinking the patient will still wake normally with his brain removed.
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