Can I play Skyrim without buying a new computer?

Hey everyone,

So I got Skyrim for the PC for Christmas, since I don't own any other consoles. Problem is I'm pretty short on money and haven't bought a good new computer in awhile. I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to increase Skyrim's performance short of buying a new computer, which isn't an option.

My two laptops are:
Gateway LT netbook. Won't even open Skyrim (Dur).

Sony Vaio PCG-8X2L (Yeah, ooold)
Processors: Intel Core 2 CPU T7200@2 Ghz
RAM: 2046 MB
Graphics Card: Nvidia Geoforce Go 4700
I just wiped it, uninstalled all unnecessary programs that come pre-installed, and have nothing else installed but Mozilla Firefox, Steam and Skyrim.

It actually runs Skyrim on low settings and 800x600, but it's still so slow that it's not exactly playable. It actually doesn't push the CPU, and I'm only using a total of ~50% of the RAM, even including all other running programs, so I think the problem is the graphics card. It's pretty unlikely that I can change the graphics card, since it's a laptop.

Buying a new computer isn't even close to an option. Is there anything I can do to get Skyrim running at an acceptable speed? It doesn't have to be pretty, just functional. Or is my only option to just not play Skyrim and return the game?
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  1. Play skyrim and get a new PC my friend... :)
  2. Answer for this and any game here
  3. Nothing you can really do with those options, if you had a desktop then there is something that most likely can be done.

    you really can not upgrade laptops to much, other than a cpu swap, and that would not make a difference for you.

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