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My brothers PC has a trouble during reboot the post message is CPU overclocking when i try to go to bios and set as default the computer turns OK but in the other day there has a message again CPU overclocking please help me to resolve this problem..and please explain to me behind this problem cause i might not sleep because i cannot resolve this problem Im a beginner as a computer technician thanks..
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  1. Have you tried clearing the CMOS by removing the BIOS little button cell on the motherboard? (Remove every PSU connector from the motherboard and then do it)

    And can I please confirm you used the 'saved and exit' button when saving your BIOS settings, usually F10, actually, may we have his mobo model to confirm?

  2. There's no need to remove every PSU connector from the board. Simply turning off the PSU is sufficient. Remove the CMOS battery and short the CLR CMOS pins for about 5 seconds.
  3. It could also be that the CMOS battery in your brother's pc has called it quits. Maybe changing it for a new one and reseting the BIOS to default settings could solve your problem. The battery used by motherboards is a standard 3V coin battery, the ones by Maxwell or Panasonic are good batteries.

    Best regards.
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