I've recently bought a new computer, recently as in the last year. And yesterday I installed Max Payne 3. I got about an hour and a half into it then my computer turned off. This happened another 2 times. My first thought was something is overheating. After downloading and installing PC Wizard I saw that my Video card was spiking at around 80 degrees and my CPU at around 90-100! I tested other games to see if this was normal. Turns out it isn't. After leaving the games for about 20 minutes I began to notice my CPU idling at 65-68 degrees, I Googled to see if this processor was supposed to idle around that temperature. It is not. so I spent the following hour looking at cooling solutions, figuring fans won't cut it I stared to look at water cooling. So this is my question, where do I begin with water cooling? I know nothing about it, never needed it before so I never decided what brand were better than others, I've not needed to know what components I'll require or regular pricing.

Thank you in advance for your help.

PC specs:

Core i7 950
GTX 590
24 GB ram
G1 sniper mobo
Win 7 Ult
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  1. There are 3 options I can think of

    1. liquid cooling

    2. pci fans

    3.after market cooler
  2. Pre built unit? If it is or not, you should check the factory cooler for proper mounting. If the blk feet on the cooler's 4 posts aren't flush with the board or the push pins didn't open properly, the cooler's surface may not be mating good with the CPU's heat spreader. That would cause insufficient heat transfer and poor cooling.
  3. I bought the parts and pieced it together my self. I've had an issue with the heat sink not being on properly before so I've been anal about getting it back on right since then. I've been looking around for water cooling units thinking that the CPU, being the real issue here, is just plain running too hot. But if I have a habit of overlooking things so is there any other possible reason that my CPU should be running so hot?
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    The reason why it's burning up is because of the paste. The paste is most likely dried and needs to be replaced! It isn't a problem with your cooler, it's a problem with your paste!!

    Remove your paste and reinstall new paste. If you need any help, read this guide.
  5. Thanks for the helpful reply. I'll give that a whirl, although I'm using the stock Intel heat sink at the moment. I'll go out and buy an aftermarket cooler and some new paste and see how things run. I'll post again after I install the new cooler and paste. =D
  6. This may be complete rubbish but I saw something similar recently and it turned out the sound card driver was causing the CPU idle temps to be so high. Random.
  7. I presume this is a stock Intel cooler? I wouldn't think 1 year old stock Intel paste would be an issue yet. What RPM is your stock fan running at?
  8. Just got the new cooler and paste in and the temp has gone down to about 34-40! Doesn't even peak 50 while Max Payne 3 is running. Thanks for the insight and saving me going out and buying a water cooling kit that I didn't need.
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