Help with budgeted gaming rig ! Please

im wondering if anybody could help me choose some parts for a budget gaming rig, $375-$500 is my budget range. and i live in canada

thanks alot guys appreciate the help

filled out the form:
approx purchase date: near future, about 2-3 weeks
budget: $375 - $500 CAD
sys usage from most to least important:surfing internet,gaming
all parts needed, starting from scratch
preferred website:,,
parts preference: no real preference, just whatever is cheapest (within reason, i would prefer not to buy absolute
junk to save $$
monitor res: 1080p if possible although it doesnt need to be. probably too high for a budget cpu. anything at or above 1280x1024

other comments: monitor, keyboard, mouse not required, already have ones in mind, just included incase you guys know of a combo deal or something along those lines
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