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Did my GPU die?

My setup:

antec neo eco 520c
asrock 880g-le matx mobo
phenom ii x4 840 3.2ghz @ stock clock
asus dcuii 560ti non-top version (overclocked from 833mhz to 900mhz)
kingston 4gb ram
samsung hardrive 500gb

I have had the build since February and the video card since about August. I have had no problems with my build at all up until today. My gpu would idle at 33-36 degrees and never go above 65 degrees under load. My cpu is about 33-40 at idle and 48-55 at load depending on ambient temps. During the last week i had upped my 833mhz stock clock on the gpu to 900mhz with very little consequence in temps but it made for a nice performance boost in skyrim. Also my default voltage for my 560ti is 1.12V, a fair bit higher than what i have seen others have. I had also heard many could overclock their asus cards to 900mhz without a boost in voltage, so because of that coupled with the already high voltage i assumed it would be no problem so i hope a lack of power wasn't the cause.

I had previously messed around with a mod for skyrim called the fxaa injector, so its hard to know if this caused my gpu to die because i went about my usual routine, changed my clocks using asus smartdoctor (not the best but msi afterburner doesn't work on my pc for some reason), started fx-aa injector and opened skyrim. Everything was fine then all of a sudden i heard my gpu fan kick it into a gear i had only heard before when i was testing the fan speed manually, would of been up around 60-80% so it was very loud. I thought it was strange but assumed it would quickly go away. Anyway i was sucked into skyrim when all of a sudden my pc shuts off (this was about a minute after the fan initially kicked in overtime). It did not turn on again for about a minute i assume a safe guard function of the psu might of caused this. When i turn my pc on now nothing is shown on the screen. The lights on my gpu are turned on so its getting power but nothing is being outputted from the card. I can boot my computer and go into windows using the mobo onboard gpu and a vga cable, but i don't have a dvi cable to test if it my dvi output will work on my card considering i am using hdmi.

I have checked bios settings and its still set to pci express for video despite the onboard working anyway. Looks likely that the card has died doesn't it? A few comments on newegg have similar experiences.
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    Maybe when you were messing around with the voltage and the OCing caused it to crash and burn. Anyway that is what it sounds like. Stuff like that sucks. The only way to know for sure is if you can try your card in another rig. I wish you the best of luck
  2. What you can try is to shut down the Pc and unplug the psu , then take out the video card and wait a few minuites. Then put it back in , plug in and boot up the Pc and see if that helps.
  3. i even upgraded my computer from xp to 7 just to see if it was a driver problem but i get the exact same thing. The annoying thing is i never touched the voltage, not even once. It was at 1.12V at default however, a lot higher than others which are like at 1.02V or something. Maybe that is a hint the card was just never very good considering it needed that much voltage from the get go.

    I did OC from 833 to 900, with no increase in voltage however. The worst i expected of that would be a reset, or maybe some artifacting if the system was no stable. But it was stable, in temps and performance until that minute where fan speed hit 100% and the card died. I RMA'd the card. I just know Asus is going to turn around and say some bullsh!t pertaining to it being my fault even tho i didn't mess with the voltage.

    oh well
  4. thats what heppens when you overclock nvidia gpu's
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