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i have a inspirion 1525 laptop with i belive inverter problem. when start comp the dell screen comes on with load bar at bottom before comp gets into the kernel (windows logo) screen goes black.if try to go into bios bios will show for 1 sec then black screen. no time to make any selections. some times if close the monitor and reopen monitors shows screen then goes black in 1 sec reclose reopen screen shows then black can do that several times but monitor never stays on i hooked up external monitor and all seems fine. could that be in verter or backlight how can i check to see which is issue? i reinstalled video drivers same issue. could bios cause this problem? plz advise
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  1. if its the inverter or backlight you dont normally see the dell screen with load bar--your screen is normally dark all

    the time

    it could possibly be the ribbon cable to the monitor which would explain why opening and closing the lid makes it

    light up --this carries power to the inverter and can get tiny breaks in it

    though connect external monitor--go in bios and make sure its set to internal and external screen not just

    external to double check
  2. will check bios settings and cable. if checks fine any other suggestions to try? possible motherboard ? im grasping at straws here lol. or possible on board graphics card? also if close laptop external goes into im asumming sleep mode if reopen i have to enter password to get back into computer. should external be on with laptop closed?
  3. most times its either the inverter or the ribbon cable

    normally i replace the inverter 1st then the ribbon if inverter doesnt fix it

    but if you are seeing stuff even if only for a second it may be better to replace the ribbon first

    could still be the inverter but the ones i have fixed with faulty inverter have been totally black--no second of lit up

    if its the ribbon you wont be able to tell by looking at it unless its melted the connector block or something(had that once on an hp) normally its tiny breaks in the ribbon from heat and opening and closing the lid

    its 3-30am here so my brain wont remember if closing the lid will turn off the external monitor--dont think so but not sure as tired
  4. since its intermittent it could be a cable issue as was said. however try this first. while the screen is "black" shine a flashlight at it. if you can see the screen images your screen connections should be fine, as they are still supplying an image, but the inverter, its cable, or the backlight has issues. if you still see NOTHING it should be the screen or the screens cable. in the event you do see an image I would second replacing the ribbon cable, assuming its just not pulled out of its socket, followed by the inverter.

    closing the lid puts the computer to sleep, hibernate, or shutdown on almost all laptops unless you change it, which is what's happening to you and why the external monitor shuts off. you can change it in power options if you want to use it with the lid closed. its " decide what happens when I close the lid" or something like that
  5. forgot to say its really rare for the actual screen backlight to fail--but if its the ccfl backlight itself then its probably

    a replace the screen job

    unless you are exceptionally good with a soldering iron
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