Will Newegg accept the RMA for my GPU?

I have everything all ready to go it's in Fedex, ready to go to California with my broken GPU, BUT. (There's always a but). My warranty ends on the third and my package won't be shipped until then. What is Newegg going to do? Will they honor it? I emailed them, but haven't gotten a response yet. I don't want to buy the 1 year warranty, but if that's what it takes I will.
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  1. Unless you specifically purchased it, and it sounds like you didn't, then you do not have a warranty from Newegg. You can return it to them(RMA) usually within the first month and they will replace the card or refund your money. Beyond that your manufacturers warranty kicks in and that has nothing to do with newegg.
  2. Actually they said they will accept it...rock on Newegg!
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