[b] Nvidia 560ti or 550? (is it worth the extra?) [/b]

Hey guys ,
Upgrading my video card and was wondering if i Could have some advice, I have around £170 to spend maximum,
I've been looking at a nvidia 560ti from either msi or asus though a more educated in terms of computing friend reccomends I use the 550 as the extra money isnt worth it. I usually run on a 32inch monitor at 1081p/ 1920*1080 res and have a 750W power supply . Any other suggestions would help Thanks guys
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  1. If you can then you should go for the 560Ti rather than the 550, more cores = more power, better performance.
  2. Yes, it's worth it .... 750 watter will handle two of them if ya don't go OC crazy

  3. depends on your usage.. if you are into gaming then grab 560ti is no doubt.. if you are only using desktop applications, then 550 still just fine (maybe even too much).
  4. If you are much of a gamer at all, you want to grab the 560ti. It is actually quite a bit better than the 550 for gaming.
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