Help with PSU for new build

Alright just put my new build together and want to make sure i've got a decent enough psu for everything, here's the specs:

AMD x3 445
Biostar n68s3b
geforce gtx 560 ti twin frozr
lite on 24x dvd
1 tb sata hard drive

Currently I've got a diablotek da series 400w. This is probably too low, what is a good under $50, cheaper is better, psu? No plans to sli in the near future..
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  1. If a unit can be trusted to deliver 400W of power, which a Diablotek 400W unit can't, then it would be enough power for a system with a GTX 560 Ti.

    Since a GTX 560 Ti require two 6pin PCIe connectors then you will need a unit which comes with two PCIe connectors.
    And you will probably have to spend the entire $50:
    Rosewill Green series RG530-S12 530W
  2. spend a 160$+ on a gpu then 50$ on a psu,

    lol this isn't good bro you should never cheap out on a psu, i suggest spending 60-80$ on it, seasonic/corsair/xfx/antec those with 80plus bronze is great
  3. Most reliable PSU brand in my opinion.
    seasonic 620 watt $85
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