Gtx 560ti hawk vs evga classified gtx 560ti 448

hi toms hardware community. i will be building a new gaming PC soon (here is the link to the build im thinking about and one of my threads

was wondering if the 448 560 or just the hawk would be a better option for me. the problem with the 448 edition is that it is only ariound for a short period of time (around christmas season) so i wont be able to slii in the future (which i would want the posibility to do if needed). the next option would be to not get a 448 or a hawk, and get a 6950 1/2gb or even just wait and see what the next generations of gpus bring (7000 and 600 series).
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  1. I'm thinking go for the EVGA 448. The Hawk is already overclocked to a point where there's not going to be a whole lot more to squeeze out of it. The EVGA, on the other hand should have some more headroom and 448 cores to get more out of that additional overclocking.
  2. You hit the nail on the head ..... no way to upgrade later with the 448 to SLI so its a dead end. Unless ya gonna get 2 from the get go, I'd do the lightning or the Asus Cu TOP

    The factory OC's 6950 can compete in single card configuration but gets trounced when CF'd by 100+ fps by the above Asus card outta the box. And the 560 has way more OC room.
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