Need Gateway DX4860-UB32P Jumper Settings

Hello all!

I have a Gateway DX4860-UB32P system that won't start out of the box (refurbished). No tech support readily available that I can see.

symptoms: Rear fan starts up briefly, then dies.. no other activity.. repeats after a few seconds...

All cables seem to be in place inside, memory reseated... everything seems to be as it should be... except I found a jumper laying loose in the case, but can't locate any documentation to see where it might go.

MB says: ACER IPISB-VR REV: 1.01

Anyone have any documentation/diagram on this MB or system?

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    Found the no-boot solution, at least for mine. The ROM RECOVERY block must be jumpered across pins 1-2. Here's the block layout:


    3 is open.

    Unfortunately, in rooting around the case, I found a second jumper running wild and free. I suspect that it may be may be causing me to have no audio, but that I can live with for a bit.

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