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AMD Radeon 6950, 3 Monitors, too many problems

This frustrates me.
I just bought the not-cheap AMD Radeon 6950 from Newegg because my old one sucked. Just got it on Friday, and I installed it today. I have three monitors, a brand new Acer HDMI 1920x1080 blah blah, an older LG DVI-D, and a significantly older Dell 1907FP (attatched with a DVI). Before I installed the new graphics card, I had the Acer hooked up with a DVI and the LG hooked up with a VGA; all was well. Now, I have the acer hooked up with HDMI, and the two others with DVI. The Acer is showing a shrunken image of the desktop with a half inch green border around it (the desktop is pretty poor quality). What the hell? Also, the graphics card is saying I am only allowed to have two displays at once (box said up to six). What am I missing that made this intended upgrade a major setback?
Thank you (hopefully).
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  1. Ok, I fixed the scaling problem, it was underscanning it by 15% by default (stupid if you ask me).
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    You will need to use an active displayport adapter to use more than 2 monitors on the card. They cost $25-30.
  3. Quote:
    You will need to use an active displayport adapter to use more than 2 monitors on the card. They cost $25-30.

    That's the only way? It doesn't make sense to me that they would put two DVI's, an HDMI, and two of those mini things if it only allows two monitors at a time. Anyway, what's the best setup/purchase for the "active displayport adapter?"
  4. It is is annoying limitation to Eyefinity but at least the adapters no longer cost $100. Either of these would be fine, depending on whether your card has a full size displayports or mini;
  5. Looking at the reviews and comments, I see some stuff about screen tearing. Is that something I should worry about? It seems pretty unavoidable either way.
  6. Screen tearing occurs when your frame rate is higher than your refresh rate because the monitor can't keep up. Turning on V-Sync which forces the GPU to output frames at a rate equal to or below your refresh fixes the issue.
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