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Buy New GTX 560ti or GTX 570

I want to add a graphics card to my build and i am wondering if i should buy a graphics card now or wait for Kepler.
Evga has their step up program so i am thinking about getting a GTX 570 or 560ti from their website if a better card comes out in 90 days i pay the difference and shipping and get it. Will the Kepler gpus be out in the next three months? or should i not buy a new gpu and stick with my Intel graphics until Kepler comes out.
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  1. They should be out within three months but you never know.
  2. Thanks for the quick response. Happy New Year!
  3. You can always wait for new hardware. IMO, three months is an awfully long time to hold off. Go for it. Get the 570 if you can afford it. What are your full specs?
  4. Case: X-JUPITERG-BK
    Processor: i3-2150(Buying i7-3770k when it comes out)
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  5. Way up in the top right of any Tom's page it'll say Yourname's profile. Go there and then hit "forum options" on the left.
    You may bottleneck a 570, but not heavily.
  6. I just purchased this recently and did not want an expensive processor when 22nm is right around the corner no point in upgrading processor 6 months after i got it. And is Evga a good gpu brand i like their step up program in 90 days if nVidia dose not release new gpus by then ill step up to a gtx 580. oh and that was supposed to be RX-630ss.
  7. mehh Raidmax
    I wouldn't really trust it to be 3 months to the day. Wait a couple of weeks if that's the way you want to go; it would not be good if you trusted the release date and they were late by just a couple of days.
  8. Ok thanks for your help and any psu you would recomend?
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    Your Raidmax PSU is junk. I was surprised that someone is actually running a HD6850 on it; I'm sure a GTX560Ti or GTX570 would overload it and kill it. Cheap PSUs like to take other parts with them into the fiery abyss, so you'll need to replace it first. A quality modern PSU has full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and some level of 80+ certification for efficiency. Seasonic, Antec, Corsair, XFX, and Enermax/LEPA are among the better brands. A good 500W PSU like an Antec Earthwatts can run almost any single GPU.
    Considering you're suffering with Intel's Highly Deficient graphics now, you could drop in this GT440 for a few months: then step up when you upgrade your PSU.

    Edit: Saw your PSU has a "630W" label on it, not "530W." It's still a Chokemax, and still junk. I would not trust it to run a powerful GPU.
  10. How is this psu
    or should i buy a 1000 watt psu because i like your idea of a cheap graphics card to hold me off.
    And This AMD seems to be a bit better and with a free Dirt 3
  11. Thermaltake is hit or miss: with some decent units mixed in with the failures. That one wasn't in this list, so you'd be taking a chance. The ONLY brand I'd buy without reservation in the absence of a positive technical review is Seasonic; I've never read a bad or even mediocre review of any Seasonic PSU, and I've read many excellent ones.
    I cited the GT440 because it was EVGA, so the step-up program would apply to it. The HD6750 is a much better card (and I've had good results with HIS), but you may not get half its value should you decide to sell it later.
  12. If i was going to still go with evga i would do a 550ti to hold me off but im probably just going to buy a nice psu and cheap gpu at same time from newegg.Any specific psu you recommend for sli down the road. how is corsair as a psu brand the seasonic are very expensive.
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