FRIO ock cooler installed the wrong way in my "Ultra FX Crossfire"?

I received an ULTRA FX Crossfire build recently from CyberpowerPC and I'm concerned that the cooling system is not set up properly? I'm no expert, but willing to be with some help here. It's crashing in the simplest of games on low graphics settings and restarting. Sometimes after one of those restarts (5-10minutes), it'll crash again and restart.

I'm cooling a 1000watt psu (raidmax RX-1000AE), an amd fx8150 3.6ghz, 16gb ram(1600mhz,ddr3), an ssd, and dual HD 6850s in crossfire mode, along with an extra HDD and a few accessories.

In a Thermaltake Chaser MK1 Full tower case (, I have two top fans and they're both intaking air. That doesn't seem right. In addition, my CPU cooler is sucking air from the top and blowing downward across the crossfired graphics cards, and hopefully out the side panel window? Again, that seems wrong especially since the gpus are so close together and are hot items. The front fan intakes, which I think makes sense, as does the bottom fan. However, the rear fan seems to be intaking too. That's unusual to me -- aren't the fans in the top rear supposed to exhaust hot air that is rising?

I'm debating manually reversing some fans, and I've never turned or installed a cpu cooler before so that concerns me. So does anything about my current cooling system make sense to people here? I was hoping someone would say this is intentional or something, before I go messing with anything.

Is it better to flip the push/pull direction on the cpu cooler so it comes up from the bottom and out the top? (can this be easily done?) I could add a side fan in that case. Or do I need to rotate it so that the Thermaltake logo is going left to right (intaking from inside case, out the back)? If that's the case, I think I'll have to reseat the rails.

I went with CP for the price vs. the time over the holidays, but now I'm wondering about that decision if I have to redo the cooling system. And on top of it, I still don't know if this is the crashing problem.

I ran HWMonitor and at idle it shows:
GPU1 at 50C (with the GPUshader at 55C, GPU2 at 39C.
I run dual monitors.
The CPU is at 40C idle, memory is at mobo temp I guess, which is 30c, according to HW Monitor.
The ASUSmonitor program shows cpu at 36C, and AMD catalyst shows gpu at 50c too roughly. It goes down to 45 with fans on max.

I'm running the latest bios for my sabertooth 990fx, sp1 for Windows7 64bit and the latest drivers including catalyst.

Thanks so much for any help. Usually I'm just reading these forums not actually posting, so I'm new here.
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  1. You are right in that bottom/front/lower fans usually intake and as the air warms and rises, sweeps over the mobo and out the back/top fans.

    i bought from CP and my side fans were blowing out. took 5 min to reverse them. It shouldnt crash at 50C... I idle around 30C and during an hour of BF3 can get my GPU to around 75C...but doesnt really crash (often).

    I would go on the Thermaltake website and look up the manual and install guide and see if its installed the correct way. as soon as mine arrived, i checked all the fans. found the two sides were wrong so i trusted nothing. the fan controller doesnt work but use speedfan and put them up to 100% when using any game. once you confirm the fans are correct, try it out and see if it crashes again. thats when you start dealing with CP....
  2. FYI - A general rule is to look at the fins. The concave side of the fins is the direction the air will blow in.
  3. Don't mess with it if it's new. Have Cyberpower sort it out; you might void the warranty.
  4. Hey guys, thanks for the responses. I can trust now when I go to CP, I can at least have a good starting point.

    I guess I was missing a windows update since service pack 1. Ever since the next update after the service pack - no crashes on high graphics settings in Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3, and starcraft on medium/high settings.

    Now I'm at the point of asking -- if temps are okay and it runs okay in gaming -- do I trust CP with a rebuild to do it right so I'm not liable for a warranty void? Or do I just switch the cooler myself down the line and eventually move the fans myself? From the 3 response here, I'm thinking they might just make another error in the build on warranty repair? It would be my first cpu cooler installation though.
  5. Call them and ask about it.
  6. Yeah... talk to them. But my question is how would they do it? are you going to have to ship the comp to them and then they do the job and ship it back? Who pays that?
  7. Yea they'd pay for me to essentially ship the computer across the country and back LOL. That seems like a giant waste, and who knows if it comes back better than before? This would be my second version of their build as it is now. The first version was dropped, and missing some fans I ordered -- albeit, it was over christmas, so I'm sure they were busy as can be.
  8. This is why you build your own PC
  9. haha yes, this is true sometimes -- although I hardly see the purpose of trolling a topic that is already showing annoyance at what you allegedly despise.

    At least I get a warranty on the build and the parts, and time is money for me too. That being said, I think I might just hold off on sending it in to save some more time and gas and make this a decent little project for myself.
  10. The forth picture here
    clearly show the top fan is/ should be an exhaust fan
  11. But if you don't send it and fix it yourself, is the warranty voided? If they are paying for shipping, then what the hell? Did you get the ultra care option when shipped? i would make them put it back in free of charge when the return it to you...

    my cyberpower came with several fans reversed and my NZXT fan controller non functional. I;m still trying to resolve it....
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