Amd fx 8120 or Intel 2500k

Hello, looking to build a new music production studio (and on the cheap). Using abelton 8. It will not be a gaming machine, Audio production only. I have some SSD's and velociraptors so storage is no worry. Also have a BFG GTS OC for video. Just looking for CPU and MOBO and RAM. Sound card if you have the knowledge on music production. Looking for super low latency. Thanks 1000X

I know the video card is overkill for my use but it will work for my dual monitors and i already have it.
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  1. I do not know the program but if it is multithreaded and can handle more than 4 threads it will run better on the FX.
  2. One thread i found interesting:

    There's no clear answer to this question but a few facts will help you:

    - Live is currently a 32bit application but it will work on a 64bit Windows System.This means Live can only access a theoretical maximum of four gigabytes of RAM - regardless of how much you have in you computer. Additionally, Live can only access 32-bit third-party plug-ins.

    For more detailed information about Live's performance under 32-/64-bit operating systems, please see:

    We have no information yet about if or when Live may be released in a 64-bit version.

    - the more RAM and the faster your hard drive, the better in general.

    - Live does not support hyper-threading but multiple Cores.

    - make use of the vast experience of other users in our user forum and test results from pc- magazines to find a suitable machine for you

    - buy a professional audio interface with low-latency audio drivers
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