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Okay so I just bought the GTX 560 ti 448 video card and it has 1280MB of GDDR5 video memory. My question is this. I know running in higher resolutions can hinder performance if there is a low amount of video ram. I currently play all my games in 1920x1080 because it's the highest resolution my monitor can go and I obviously like the higher res. With my new video card, will I need to play in a lower resolution? Or will this card have enough memory? I almost bought a 2gb memory version of the GTX 560 ti but went with the 448 cores instead.
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  1. You will be fine.
    At 1080p, at least 1GB of VRAM is fine, and your GTX 560 Ti 448 Core will perform great.
    Just look at the benchmarks.
    Anything beyond that will probably need at least 1.5GB to 2GB of VRAM, but some people get great performance with even1GB of VRAM at high resolutions (usually an Crossfire/SLI setup)!
  2. Well I run a single card but I think it's being bottle necked. Not sure if it could be my power supply or CPU. Infact I'm not sure what piece of hardware can actually bottleneck my gpu the most whether its the hdd or w/e I don't know. Maybe you can help here are my main specs: (btw my PC is an upgraded HP computer so I'm using the mobo it came with)
    Mobo: H-RS880-uATX (Aloe)
    MoboChipSet: AMD 785G
    CPU: AMD Athlon II x4 630 processor 2.8Ghz
    RAM: 4GB DDR3
    HDD: Seagate 750GB
    SSD: 60GB
    VideoCard: GTX 560 ti 448
    Power: RaidMax 530watt PSU(Actually upgrading soon as it's below the minimum for my video card, though its working atm)
    So those are my main specs. I'm not sure if my video card is being bottle necked. Maybe I have a setting on that can lower performance in some games I'm not sure. I'm more of just curious to see if it's getting bottle necked bad. I have over clocked my video card. Any help would be much appreciate.
  3. I have very similar specs (same HP PC maybe?), and I too upgrade my OEM PC.
    Briefly owned a GTX 560 Ti and an HD 6970 (which I returned out of my own stupidity).
    With the same CPU as yours (CPU tends to be the culprit in gaming bottlenecks if you have a beefy GPU), I was getting great performance.
    There is a bottleneck, but probably not significant enough to affect performance by a large margin.
    Every system has a bottleneck TBH.
    When you start seeing your games having massive FPS dips, then there's a major issue.
    You are fine at the moment.
    What are your frames in several of your games anyway?
  4. Well I'm currently playing WoW, Skyrim and AC revelations as well as Diablo 3 Beta. so far I have done a little tweaking to the Nvidia 3D settings and I have gotten skyrim to run about 30-50fps, 60fps inside buildings. In wow it's not bad usually 40-60fps(but sometimes will dip into the 20s) and in AC rev I was just getting between 30-60 but it seems to love to dip down into the 30s often sometimes to 26-28fps. Idk if thats bad but I'm not a fan of my fps going into the 30s and below I like 45+ for the most part lol. Have not tried D3 yet. I just got this video card yesterday. Maybe it doesn't help that I have google chrome running in the background with like 8 tabs open ><
  5. Oh I should also mention that I don't actually have that SSD yet(friend got it for me as a gift, it's in the mail) but when it arrives I plan to use it for games. Hoping to speed up load times and general performance.
  6. SSD will improve load times, but not gaming performance.
    However, it could load textures and such faster to result in fewer frame drops.
    Just a speculation though.
    I tend not to use the GPU Control Panels and only use the game settings.
    They can take away performance.
    Overall you are getting good results.
    No need to worry.
    Maybe not using the control panel will help though.
  7. Ok I will give that a try. Tysm for the help and input. BTW I use fraps to see my fps in the games I play. Would frpas actually hinder my performance? I'm not recording with it just running it in the background to see the frames.
  8. Why would you have a web browser as well as multiple tabs open while playing games? Is there a point?
  9. To lazy to close them b/c If I tab out of a game(which I do a lot) I can go right back to what I was doing or sometimes I do play in windows mode so I keep my tabs open. Most times is just to listen to music on youtube : / if having the browser open can reduce performance noticeably then I will have to break the habit of leaving it up.
  10. The VRAM on the GTX 560 Ti 448 Cores is sufficient enough for your resolution. The rest of your system may be holding you back, especially if you multi-task while gaming.
  11. FRAPS for watching FPS will not take away performance in gaming.
  12. Ok thanks everyone. I will try to close some unneeded background programs to try and increase performance. Hopefully getting my new 650 PSU soon and a new CPU in the future.
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