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New Gaming Budget Rig - Need a 2nd opinion

Hi there, thanks in advance for taking a look and helping me out. I want to give some basic info about this project first. My wife and I game together primarily on MMO's. We currently play SWTOR and plan to play Guild Wars 2, so thats what I really need this machine to play. This PC is being built from scratch, I'll be hopefully using a few parts from her old PC though. The Cd/DVD drive, the Hard Drive and the Monitor

Ok to the parts

Her Hard Drive is a 7200 rpm Hitachi from an Hewitt Packard A6400f that she currently has. I know this HDD isn't the best, but will it play well with my system or bottleneck it? Below is the Spec. Page for the HP PC from the Hp website. Below that is a second link to it on Newegg I believe. [...] r1002_usen [...] 6822145299

My Mobo. ASrock z68

CPU - Sandy Bridge i3 2120 - I have read that this little cpu can outpreform certain quad processors so I'm going to give it a shot. She isn't big into running multiple apps. at one time, mainly just gaming or surfing the web.

8GB (2x 4gb) G Skill 1600 Ram
GPU - Geforce GTX 460 - [...] 6814125412

PC Case - NZXT Tempest - [...] 6811146084

Corsair Power Supply - Please double check me and make sure I have the connections needed to run the Mobo, Vid Card, and all else with this supply -
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    That looks great, the PSU and motherboard are possibly a bit overkill but it should be great for gaming.

    The hard drive won't affect gaming performance, just load times and booting.
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