Minimum amount of video card memory needed for maxed 1080p gaming?

I'm looking for the minimum amount of graphics memory needed for maximum-settings 1080p gaming. The memory will be GDDR5. If the processor is an i7 2670QM or 2760QM, what would you say the maximum Crysis 2 or any of the latest games would use? (Also, this is for laptops, not desktops. Will that matter?)
From this forum post:
It would seem like the minimum amount is 1GB, but no one said so explicitly.

Thanks all!
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  1. Agree with that, 1GB.
  2. 1gb or more.
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    for gaming, the main strength depends on the gpu. the better the gpu, the better it will be at utilizing gfx components e.g. it's vram.
    even for laptops, 1 gb gddr5 dedicated vram would be minimum for good 1080p gaming. make sure the laptop can handle the heat the gpu will dissipate. use a laptop cooler if necessary.
    as for crysis 2, google 'crysis 2 benchmark for core i7 2xxxqm with <your gfx card name>'
    and search tom's gfx card/laptop/video games forums.
    gaming gfx card hierarchy chart (includes mobile chips):,3085-7.html
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