Safe temp for i7 2600k

Hello, I recently build my pc rig

Case Half X
CPU: i7 2600k
RAM: 8G Corsair Ven
Seasonic 750
Stock Cooler
OC 4.44
CPU temp idle 39C
Load 70C to 73C
Is this ok or to hot
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    Max Package temp is 72C and max core temp is 98C, but honestly, with the stock cooler and that OC, those temps are fine.

    I would really recommend an aftermarket cooler like the Hyper 212 Evo, if you want to continue OC'ing, though.

    Your temps aren't dangerously high (surprisingly low, in fact), but cooler is always better.
  2. Thanks for the info not planing to OC more, I just have it on auto OC from my MB.I will look into the cooler.
  3. OK, but as djdecibel says go look into an aftermarket cooler like Hyper 212 EVO
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