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Hey guys Im back just deciding on a case and since toms hardware seems to get me my answers quick im going to be going here a lot more. Anyways, I just want to ask an opinion on a case. I am going to be going full-tower case because i do plan to upgrade my PC within the future so why not full tower? put some water cooling, bigger GPU more fans airflow etc to keep my parts cool :) anyways i need some help Deciding between

Usually in that price range of $130-160 but i will in fact spend a little more for some quality.

Please if u have anything to recommend Please do. this is my first time puting a PC together( i usually buy pre-build) so i wanna try it and see for myself which is why i need the more space to do :) anyways thanks for any help at all!
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  1. And something Quietttttttttt! cant forget that i plan on leaving it on for Long periods of time and i dont wanna be waking up due to loud fans!
  2. do u like that case? are the fans quiet?
  3. love it--i changed from a haf-x to that case and its better than the haf-x

    it has a built in fan controller--low/medium/high

    i would say its pretty quiet--its in the main living room so i wanted quiet but still be able to overclock

    my phone app measures it at about 30db from 3 feet away and even with the phone sitting on the top

    of the pc it only measured 40db

    heres an idea of 30db and 40db

    Weakest sound heard 0dB
    Whisper Quiet Library at 6' 30dB
    Normal conversation at 3' 60-65dB
    Telephone dial tone 80dB
    City Traffic (inside car) 85dB
    Train whistle at 500', Truck Traffic 90dB
    Jackhammer at 50' 95dB
    Subway train at 200' 95dB
  4. The Storm Trooper fans are a bit noisy, but it comes with a fan controller, so basically noise shouldn't be a problem.

    Some other options:
    Corsair 650D -
    NZXT Phanom -
    Corsair Carbide Series 500R -

    Choosing a case is always very difficult :D
    All these case are fairly quiet(including the ones you chose) & have good reviews, buy whichever you think looks cool, has all the features you need & would please you the most. :)
  5. bartholomew said:

    I agree on the NZXT Phantom, my missus's pc case is a NZXT Phantom. Great case, lot of room inside and built-in fan controller is not bad.

    I would suggest the Antec P280 and some Noctua fans to make it an ultra silent case!
    Antec P280 -
    Noctua Fans -

    Remember, the more fans you can see the louder and noisier the case will be :P
  6. Im probably going to go with the Storm trooper, i just like the design so much and with the fan control it should be fine :). I am going to be adding some fans and replacing them, i am thinking the Noctua fans and eventually adding liquid cooling and some other features. like i said this is my first time building it and im going to be building it with my neighbor and he loves to build this kind of stuff so i thought I should go big or go home
  7. Check out the Antec 1100 might meet your needs. After looking at tons of cases I decided to go with the 1100 due to its cooling at price point. Alot of the corssair cases are really nice and cool well, but the 1100 edged them out on just straight air cooling. If you are planning on adding a rad do not go with the 1100 though because there are better cases for that.
  8. Just bought an NZXT Phantom usb 3.0 full tower.
    Highly recommend it. This thing is a beast. my MB never goes over 30C CPU stays about 31C really good cable managment, easy to remove bays, etc. it's a WIN, no cons.
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