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Hi like the title of the thread states, recently I have not been getting any sort of mobo/bios splash screen upon starting my computer...could this be fixed by flashing my bios? or is it just my mobo going bad? I wasn't really sure which forum to post this in, so this one seemed most appropriate. It should be noted that 2 months ago I installed a new hdd, and also I'm on kind of a sketchy power socket (a month ago my computer lost power and then the power flickered and every time my computer attempted to post). I feel like this may be the cause, but not positive. Also randomly when playing cod my screen will just freeze for 10-20 seconds, and that started happened around the same time...

Any help will be appreciated, thank you :)
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  1. Knowing the make / model of your motherboard would help to diagnose the problem a bit.
  2. sorry have an ASUS P5P43TD mobo
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 processor
    1.5tb wd caviar black hdd
    radeon hd 5850 video card
    16gb of pny 1333mhz ram
    and a 850w corsair psu

    also it might be worth noting that i mess around with some java and made a simple program that sets a timer to go off to the login screen right around when this started happening does this in kind of a round about way by calling user32.dll, lockworkstation which I've heard you're not supposed to do but was never really given a reason...maybe this has something to do with it?

    i dont know any help would be appreciated...
  3. nevermind i figured out what was going on. I have my video card hooked up to to a few displays and for some reason my bios screen was going to my tv and my windows was set to my normal computer display...still dont know why cod randomly freezes though (random as in once every 30 minutes or so, plays fine until that happens)...any help with that would be much appreciated.
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    glad you found why bios wasn't displaying.

    On COD freeze, rule out temps first. (download something like 'realtemp' and make sure everything is under 70C while gaming. If above then post. Cards are rated toward 100C but things happen. Error rates are a function of temp). Rule out overclocking related problems next. Then start updating video drivers. First with the most recent, then with OLDER drivers looking for one that works. Finally double check COD to see if there are patches.
  5. yeah i think my video card was getting too hot i turned down my oc a little bit and havent had a single freeze since...thanks! :)
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