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Hey guys,

I've been doing some research into my setup recently and am considering swapping out my 6990 & 6970 trifire for 2x 7970s in crossfire.

Before I do this I have a could of questions.

1.) Do you think this would provide improved results compared to my current setup? I've found some rough benchmarks of 6990 vs 2x 7970 but nothing mirroring my graphic card setup. The 7970 is meant to have better scaling... plus I know that trifire doesn't scale massively well.

2.) I currently have a 1156 chipset motherboard. I know that running two cards may limit the speed that these can run... e.g. The PCIe speed will not be 16x on one card & 16x on the other. From what I've found so far though this doesn't hold back the cards too much if at all... Will the 7970 be crippled by using them on this board though? My board is a P7P55de-Pro. It supports PCIe 2.0 but obviously not 3.0. I have read that in single card usage this made no difference to the 7970 but I was wondering if it would in crossfire?

MB = Asus P7P55D-e Pro Chip = 1156 i7 870 Oc'd 4.09ghz, [B
MEM = 16gb DDR3 Ripjaw @ 1600mhz GPU = VTX3D 6990 + 6970 Tri Fire Monitors = 3x Dell SP2309w @ 6256 x 1152
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  1. The 7970 in CF to be much faster than your current setup? No I don't think so and i think if it's it will be a minor improvement.

    Regarding the scaling of PCIE 3.0 read this funny article
  2. wait for tri-CF article from guru3d.
    they usually do a tri-cf setup.

    wait till 9th jan atleast, when more reviews will pop.
  3. I've seen some unigine benches on dual 7970... These beat my trifire benches by about 500 or 600 in the score area.... So tempted but don want my cpu o mb to restrict it
  4. Wait for some games benchmarks, never saw someone enjoying for playing unigine benches..
  5. Battlefield 3 benches here are above my current setup


    and unigine benches..

    Different CPU but my CPU isn't appearing to limit anything right now... so my only worry is if the PCIe bus will be a factor with two 7970 cards?
  6. unless your running older/lower performing cards,imho it would be a waste of money to upgrade from what you currently have.i doubt you will see anything visually better as your already running a very powerful setup.

    It would probably(even though i have no issues with my cpu/mobo combination)be a far cheaper and better upgrade to go with an i72600K or even the 2011 series cpu's.I'm sure with your current cards and this type of an upgrade would be far more beneficial.Any Intel guys wanna chime in(havent used them since my core2duo)
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