Best sub-$250 case that isn't black

I'm looking for a computer case that has more of a brushed aluminum look, or two tone silver(or grey)/black case. Haven't really been able to find any as 90% of computer cases seem to be black. Preferable if it can look good with LED lighting, otherwise I'm not really picky on the specifications.

So far, I like these, though they're black:

Antec Sonata Proto

Antec 1100

Silverstone Aluminum

BUT, only if they were in a lighter shade...

...any suggestions?
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    Define XL is the best case for you i guess-

    one of the best case out there,here's a review from techpowerup-
    scores 9.1
    cheers ;)
  2. Lian Li first thing that came to my mind.

    and Silverstone

    luxury top of the line cases, can't go wrong with them.
  3. ^that's white!!!!
    OP wants a silver/light grey case.
  4. hellfire24 said:

    Absolutely beautiful case. Thanks for the suggestion! However, I am concerned about temperatures if the front panel is closed. Would the case have enough cooling for intense video editing/3D rendering in that case?
  5. it has enough cooling,no worries.
  6. Best answer selected by Zenaer.
  7. Thanks! Definitely going to buy this case.
  8. good luck ;)
  9. hellfire24 said:
    ^that's white!!!!
    OP wants a silver/light grey case.

    They are both silver. Read them again.
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