Best CPU for M2N68-VM

Hi there.
I was looking into upgrading my current CPU (AMD athlon 64 x2 6000) ( )
I need a gaming CPU , and the motherboard seems to be able to support AM3 ( )
I have 6 GB of ram.
Any suggestions?
Please :) ?
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  1. Depends on your budget and vender. Here's your cpu support list: I recommend the retail box unit even if you upgrade the heatsink just for the three year warranty, but they're harder to find.

    From newegg: or this one from amazon:
  2. Thank you for answering!
    I am thinking about buying the amazon one.
    Is it a good CPU even if you don't overclock it?
    I can't seem to be able to find it under the supported CPU's. Am I missing it?
    Thanks again!!
  3. No. It's not there. It will probably run since it's 125 watts, but you may want to use the newegg one. You can easily email asus tech support. I would check with them. They should respond within 24 hours. From the list, you can do your own search. I find some on craiglist for around $100 or less used.
  4. Thanks!
    I emailed ASUS and they told me that the CPU's listed on their website are the only ones they were sure are working with the motherboard. They said the CPU would work in theory but they were unsure if it would in real life.
    It's unfortunately abit hard to come by AM2-3 processors in my country so I'm not sure what to do.
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