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Hey guys, I'm sorry, I'm on my mobile and I don't know if the thread belongs here but here goes.

Basically, I want to sell my Lenovo thinkpad as I am looking to get a better laptop for HD movies and some Football manager. However, when I attempt a clean install of XP, it tells me there is no hard drive?! What on earth do I do? I think the specs are Intel centrino (maybe duo) 1gb ram, 60gb HDD.

Any help would be ace, thanks. :)
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  1. Also, how much would I be looking to spend for a decent laptop that can play games such as FIFA? Thanks
  2. On your thinkpad you'll need to have a floppy drive installed and during xp install you'll have an option to press f6 to install drivers. Have your ide/sata drivers ready.
  3. If your laptop uses SATA hard drive you will need to install the SATA driver from floppy disk, alternatively you could go into the BIOS and set the SATA interface to IDE mode. The disadvantage of doing this is you will lose NCQ but you probably wont notice the difference.
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