First PC Build!!! Are The Parts Compatible?!?!?!

This is my first ever pc build! I don't need to know any thing except for are all of these parts compatible? If you take the time to look and check all of these parts to make sure they're compatible I'd really appreciate and want to say thanks in advance. I just want to be sure they'll all work together so I don't have to go through the headache of getting returns, etc. Also please let me know if I have every part I need. Like if im missing any parts let me know.

Here's the parts:




Graphics Card (Says 2.1 x16 and my MOBO is 2.0 x16...will it still work???):

Power Supply (600w enough power for this rig?):



CD Drive:
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  1. The link for the Graphics card is the link for the Motherboard
  2. Sorry guys! I fixed the link for the graphics card.
  3. BuBzXXL said:
    The link for the Graphics card is the link for the Motherboard

    sorry i fixed it.
  4. That should be an excellent system but I'm clearly not the biggest fan of AMD right now (despite that my gaming system runs a Phenom II X6). Go with this setup instead - it will run a bit more but it will totally destroy any AMD rig:


    Just make those changes and I'd leave everything else - good choices all around.
  5. +1 for intel offence to amd.
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