Best headset for Gaming + Comfort?

I am building a whole new PC, and i need a new headset.

My biggest thing when it comes to a headset is.. is it comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions of hours and hours. Because i have a old Plantronics GameCom Pro 1 headset, and it hurts my ears after awhile. I also had the Logitech G930 headset and it hurt my ears very badly quickly. I do have a big head (it runs in the family) so i need a headset that will fit me well, not too heavy, not hurt my ears for long gaming sessions, and will sound wonderful for PC gaming such as BF3, MW3, Counter Strike, and so on.

I dont want to spend a ton on a headset, i want the price atleast $150 or below if possible. (im on a budget!)
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    I've used this one for awhile now and it's awesome. Can't really beat Razer for headsets/mice/keyboards.
  2. for 150 you can pick up a pair of psyko carbons/kryptons ones natively 150 and another is on sale for 150 (or was like 2 days ago) theyre extremely comfortable but theyre a little heavy.
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