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Hey guys I have a problem with my audio for my computer. I use headphones, but I get lots of static noise. So I plug my headphones into the back of my computer into the speakers port. My first guess is maybe there's dust or something in the front port? If so, what would be the best way to clean it? But what I think it really is may be my drivers. I have AMD High definition audio device, the driver version is (2/23/12). I also have VIA High Definition Audio. Any help or info is much appreciated, thanks!
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  1. Don't waste your time trying to clean it or mess with drivers, It the front jack. I also have a kind of static sound in my front ports, and I hear it even worse when I plug something into the front USB. The front audio cable the routes inside your case is not shielded vary good or it not shielded at all, Your HDD's can put out a magnetic field causing interference in the wire, making the static sound. There isn't really away to fix it, you can try to re route the cable, but I cant tell if that will work, I know electrical tape doesn't lol.
  2. The front port often uses lower quality components then the back port. In addition, it is farther from the sound chip, so the signal is much more likely to undergo some form of EMI.
  3. Sometimes cases use a ground right on the front which sometimes need cleaning or tightnening. Othertimes the front audio shares ground with the usb ports and relocating the audio ground to the case solves the noise problem. I've also read of people that shied the FP witing with aluminum foil and electrical case grounding 1 end of the foil to the case (plz dont ground both ends)
  4. I have the same problem. Im never gonna buy a cheap japanese no name computer case.
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