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I'm relatively new at PC building (and this forum) and I had a few questions about my CPU temps. I have an i5 2500k processor (not overclocked) and a cooler master 212 + cooler. The temps im getting when doing normal stuff like going on the internet/word processing etc... for the cores is about 38-42c, and during some gaming about 60c (only tested it during starcraft 2 and crysis 2...if that helps). Ambient temp is around 24-27c.

Are these temps normal? They seem kind of high to me based on what ive read about other people's setups with the same CPU/cooler. Also, when I was putting other parts into the case I accidentally nudged the cooler and had to twist it back into place. Would that have had any effect on the temperatures?

Like I said I'm new at this so I dont really know. Sorry if it seems like a silly question.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. the temps look fine. some coolers have some play in them so if you hit them you dont damage the cpu. it better that the cpu cooler can slide a little on top of the cpu and thermal paste. with the thermal paste it takes a few days for it to cure. also with temps it depends on the airflow of your case. how much cold air gets pulled into the case and the airflow around the cpu. the temp you want to test with is using hardware monitor and prime95. if the pc locks up or shuts down from an over heat...higher then 70c. then you have a cpu cooler issue. intel and amd have a max temp for there cpu you can google the info..most cpu when gaming are going to hit 50-70c as long as the memory and other parts are good parts you should not have any problem for maney years as long as you blow the dust out of your system once a year. and check that the cpu and gpu fans are working and moving fine. most fan over time will ether stop or slow down...slow fan is not as bad as one that stops. also with gaming pc a lot of people jam them into pc cubbies...there ok for small low powered dells but they can sometime not have the airflow needed for a gaming pc..it heat your feet or legs up real well.
  2. Temps look fine.
    1) the i5-2500k does NOT hit thermal max untill mid 90s C.
    2) Good temps are (With NO OC) around 5 -> 9 C above amient (room) temp for Idle (just sitting there) and about 20 C above ambient when under load.
    3) As smorizo indicated, I always run prime 95 and monitor both voltages (primaily the +12V rail) and CPU core temps.
    .. For temps, just need to run for about 15 Mins, if =< 70 C great.
    .. To verify CPU and Ram stability need to run at least 4 Hours. BUT
    ..... Monitor temps closely for the first 30 Minuts as prime95 will heat up your CPU more than runing a game.
  3. the temp limit = TCASE 72.6°C
    seems a bit close to me, how is your airflow in your case
  4. the great randini said:
    the temp limit = TCASE 72.6°C
    seems a bit close to me, how is your airflow in your case

    There is a difference between Tcase and Tjunction (core temp)

    Tcase is the temperature of the processor's metal case or heatspreader (that is in contact with base of cooler).

    Tjunction or core temp is the temperature of the processor core. And for multi-cores, each core usually has individual sensor such that when you run monitoring softwares like Speedfan, Core Temp or Real Temp, you will get multiple readings. Processor and motherboard will usually initiate auto-shutdown if Tjunction limit is ever approached.

    Maximum Tcase limit is much lower than Tjunction limit.
  5. Thanks for the replies!
    My case is a Haf 912, and so far I just have the stock 120mm fans that came with it (1 intake in the front and 1 exhaust at the rear). It's also sitting out in the open, so no airflow issues with it being stuffed into a cubbie or anything like that

    I'll run a stress test with prime95 in a little bit and see what happens.
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