What graphics card will run the best with an AMD 955 BE (not overclock

I am looking into buying a new graphics card, but I don't want to bottleneck the graphics card with an AMD 955 BE. What graphics card would be the most efficient with my CPU stated above?
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  1. bartholomew said:

    That is around my price range. Should I also consider some graphics cards that go for cheap ($150 - $200) on Newegg sales?
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    i saw an xfx double d 6870 on sale today @$140 after rebates:
    mind you, that card is less powerful than radeon hd 7850.
  3. For a sub $200 GPU the HD 6870 would be a great choice.
    Read Tom's full review of AMD's Radeon HD 6870
  4. So I decided to purchase the XFX 6870, I was reading a lot of reviews on it and it seems like a great card for only $140 after the mail-in rebate. Thank you for your responses.
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