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Hi there,

I have an acer aspire m1640 with,
Pentium e2180 at 2.0gz
2gb ddr2 667 ram
160gb Hdd
acer mcp73ve motherboard
250w psu
32 bit vista.

I was going to upgrade it to 4GB ddr2 ram and add a low end graphics card ( HD 4650 ) to help boost performance. How much would it be boosted by.Would i need to upgrade my psu for the gpu? And would it make a difference to overclock the cpu to say 2.8gz and how would you do that??

I am new to pc upgrading but i like doing it a lot so i would be grateful if you could help me out :)

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  1. you are not going to get a big boost, but the below will show you some performance gains.

    the biggest boost you will get is probably with the additional memory. Vista will run faster on 4 Gb, than on 2Gb.

    the next area would be graphics. I would recommend a different video card. the HD 6670 or a Radeon HD 5670 (if you can find one) would be my choice. these are the fastest cards you can get without having to have a PCIe power connection from your Powersupply. and are about the same price as the HD 4650. I'm pretty sure the 250w PSU that in your system wont have an issue driving any of the fore-mentioned cards.

    Overclocking the CPU is out, your MB doesn't support it.
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