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Hello everyone,
I have ordered a Kingston SSD bundle, they are sending a 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch converter with it. I was planning to buy the coolermaster haf-922 but then I saw that some cases (like the corsair graphite series 600T which costs 70 USD more in my country) come with a 2.5 inch bay built in. Is there a difference between using the 2.5 inch converter that kingston gave me in the coolermaster haf 922 and buying the corsair 600T with an inbuilt 2.5 inch bay?
I have scoured the internet looking for an answer but could not find it, please help me. I was not sure whether to put this in the SSD section or the case section, so i put it in both.
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    Not really; I simply mounted my ssd sideways off an extra 120mm fan port on the side of my hdmi case with only two screws. It gets cooling off the fan opening and is so light weight that it only takes two screws to secure it. So choose any case you like since you already have the converter bracket.
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