is a gtx 590 3gb worth a 23" screen?
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  1. With a card like 590 gtx , worth a bigger than 23'' , ill go with an 24'' minimum.That card is a monster you can play with her on a lot bigger monitor.
  2. Depends on what resolution is on that 23 inch screen :P
  3. That is an awful lot of video card for that screen size , what are you planning on doing with that setup. Any game that you are going to play will be able to be at the ultra settings and the highest resolutions. Do you have the card or the monitor or are you thinking of buying one or both of them. What games are to be played with this setup.
  4. i have the monitor.
    I want to play skyrim, bf3 mw3
    The main reason i want that card is not to worry about the games that is still to be released.
    To play farcry 3 and it looks like minecraft
  5. A GTX 580 or HD 6970 can play those games just fine and will be able to play any game you can throw at it for the next few years. I don't really think you need the GTX 590 and I'm surprised you could even find one, unless you are looking at a used one or one from a friend.
  6. i can get one brand new, but they are getting rare now, until the 6xx is coming out they are most likely going to discontinue the 590
  7. You have a 750W PSU or better? How about case cooling? It's 11" long, will it fit in your case?
  8. i have antec df-85 and no psu yet.

    Im still deciding on the mobo,cpu, cpu fan, gpu, ram, psu, and hdd
    I have a pretty good idea what i want to get i just need a 2nd opinion.

    I just posted to find out if a 590 is worth a 23"
  9. You may want to wait a few more weeks for the HD 7970. If you cannot wait or are an nVIDIA fan, get a nice 3rd party GTX 580; I recommend one from MSI or eVGA.
  10. ive had bad luck with radeon, it ran too hot and noisy, i want to get a i7 2700k so nvidia might be better for me?
  11. It's fine to support the company of your choice. I would recommend a GTX 580 for you then; assuming you don't have a budget because you were looking into a GTX 590. It will perform about 20% slower than the HD 7970 but costs about 100 dollars less.
  12. Just pointing this out, there is no advantage with Intel-Nvidia over Intel-AMD, it just depends on how fast the GPU is.
  13. is the 7970 going to work better with the 2700k than the gtx 590?

    Do you personally think ill get better performance with it?
  14. Yes the 7970 will work better, but what resolution is that 23 inch monitor?
  15. No. Not worth it at all, its just 1080P a 6950 would fit your needs perfectly.
  16. you are way overspending for a monitor that size.

    I'd say get a 6970/570 if you want to max all games at 1080p for the next few year or so. Not much is on the horizon as far as big graphically intense games I can see.
  17. I know why you want to go with a 590 so as to try and be future proof but a 590 is actually clocked at 612mhz on the core clock and a GTX 580 comes with a stock 772mhz core clock and that is why two 580's in SLI will always out perform the 590.
    So if you want to be future proof the way you can do that is to get a GTX 580 and later on get another for SLI and you will be able to play any game for a long time with better performance than a 590.
    There is a reason for the clock to be so low on the 590 and I think Nvidia would have released the card with a higher clock if it could have.
  18. I dont like a too big screen so I actually like the screen for now, its better than my previous screen a 17" Lg flatron L1717s.
    Ill rather get a 120hz screen later when I need a better screen.

    I think I'll rather wait for the ivy bridge and the radeon 7*** series to come out before I make my decision, Why do I want to buy a i7 2600k if the ivy bridge performs better with +- the same price.

    Ok i know this is really off topic but my toms hardware account keeps telling me to register my account through my email but i already did, I already lost my other account just after the new year thanks to this problem.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?
  19. You might have to talk to one of the moderators and they should be able to help you.
    If you are willing to wait for Ivy Bridge and the 7000 series then you should also wait for the Nvidia release as well , since they traditionally release a better card and take thier time vs. AMD rushing to get thier product out.
  20. thanx i think ill wait for nvidia then.

    How can i contact one?
  21. If you go into the forun and select one of the sections like graphics then when it opens at the top of the column there are some sticky's and those are done by the moderators so click on one of the sticky's and then click on the moderators picture and you will see an option to send a private message.
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