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Hey guys, just finished my new build about a week ago with the new Ivy i5 3570k and a Sabertooth Z77 board. Right now I've just let the board do a mild auto overclock to 4.2, and my voltages look to go no higher than 1.21V. I'm using the Hyper 212 Plus cooler with a single push fan configuration in a HAF 922 case.

So, I tried a repaste yesterday out of curiosity to see if I could get better temps. I ran IBT then Prime95 to try to aid in the bake-in process (shut down afterward). Now it looks like my temps are about the same - in IBT I peaked at 84C, while gaming I'm around 50-60C. How does this sound, and should I try anything to try and lower the temps?

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    prime 95 is unrealistic you will never push your CPU to those temps under normal conditions, so unless your getting over 70C when gaming i would not worry.
  2. I am running a little lower temperatures than that with my Intel® Core™ i5-3570K at 4.2GHz and using the Corsair H100 cooler. So I would say that you are going good.
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  4. Thanks for the replies! I had an idea what I was getting into after reading the reviews for the Ivy bridge CPUs, but I just had to go for the latest technology. I'm pretty satisfied with these temps and clock.
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