Need help with graphics card gtx 560 ti, having issues!!!

I have a evga nvidia 560 ti stock speeds in a pc with a intel 2500k and windows 7 64 bit. I am having issues with several games running correctly and suspect it is my card. Two games I have issues with are halo 2 pc, and grand theft auto 4.

Halo 2, I installed it and had the prob with gfwl. So I installed the new runtimes and it worked fine. It played fine for a few days then it started running tooo fast. I couldn't even play it that game was speeding around. I turned down to two cores and it played fine the rest of the night. Then after that even with only one core, the game runs extremely fast and can't play it. When I switch between my live account and a local profile I get weird results but the game still is too fast to play.

Gta 4, lags very bag then doesn't lag but as soon as it stops lagging, it crashes because apparently it is using all my system memory which is 4 gigs.

These games worked fine on a much lesser laptop with a radeon 5650m.

What could be the problem?? Drivers in my nvidia folder are: 266.44, 280.26, 285.62.
280.62 is installed, do I need to clear the others. Should I try a different driver?

Also would a radeon card maybe the 6950 be a better option? If I can't get this straight I'm returning my card for a radeon.
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  1. Install the latest nVidia driver. You'll probably want 8GB RAM, especially if you plan on gaming. You should then be fine. For RAM, I would most recommened Mushkin (Preferably 8GB Redline or Blackline 1600MHz.)
  2. Id move to 8GB, matching exactly what you have there now w/ 2 additional modules.

    I think you meant 285.62 is installed which is the latest WHQL driver

    I'm using 290.53 (3rd Beta since 285.62)
  3. I've had this issue with older games as well but cannot remember what I did to solve it. I do not believe the issue is with the graphics card, it may be some other incompatibility. Have you tried running the games in compatibility mode for XP SP2?
  4. I did a little digging and found out you aren't the only one with that problem on Halo 2. It's an older game and doesn't handle threading properly and these newer multi-core CPUs makes the game run too fast. Suggestions that worked were to do what you did and set its affinity to only 1 or 2 cores and that should correct the problem.

    Remember after you reboot your PC, you have to reset affinity again. It's not kept between reboots or anything like that. In fact, its only kept while the PID is the same, so maybe if you shut the game down the affinity will be lost? Meaning every time you run the game you may have to set affinity to 1 or 2 cores. Try that and see if it works.

    As for GTAIV, I doubt it uses all 4GB or RAM by itself. If you are in fact running out of physical RAM while playing the game, I would look into what else you have running while playing the game. Maybe you have a few things that are chewing up your RAM and you can shut them down. And lastly, a RAM upgrade would be a good idea. It is so cheap now, you could throw 16GB in that system of yours for cheap. Might as well get it while its cheap ya, know?
  5. Thanks everyone for the replies, I will add more ram soon. I added a paging file on both my drives and set it to 6000 mb just in case that was a prob.

    illz, I am having a very interesting time with halo 2. The first three nights I played it, it worked fine. Then it started speeding, I set the affinity down to one or two cores. Fixed the prob that night. Tried it next day and set the core down again because yes it only lasts while the game is running during that process. I know that. Anyway, it didn't help. With one core the game was too fast. Tried it today, game was still too fast. Came back after work just now, and the game plays fine with all cores on!!! What gives? It works and then doesn't work on other days. Very VERY VERY confusing???

    With gta 4, I need to install my copy maybe tonight and see if the updates help. I also need to try the latest beta driver. Do I need to clear the other drivers after installing?
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