Installing coolmaster hyper 212 plus

Hello all,

I am very new to computer building and not a real tech guy in general but am doing my best to learn.

I recently upgraded my comp case to the AZZA hurrican 2000 using all the parts from my store bought HP.

HP e92207
amd phenom II x4
windows 7 64 premium
gtx 570 hd
850w power supply

I want to install a coolmaster hyper 212 plus but the mobo (foxconn aloe h-rs 780-u ATX) - only has 3 pin fan connectors while the hyper 212 has 4 pin connectors.

I found this page which shows you can connect the 4pin to the 3 pin mobo -

So my questions - is this correct? is it ok? and are there any considerations I should take into account if I do this?

CPU temps 30c-49c range while gaming.

Thank you for your advice in advance and yes there are plans to upgrade mobo, ram, cpu in the future when funds permit.
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  1. you can connect 4 pin to 3 pin, theres 2 bumps ontop to the connector to make sure you have it oriented right, its offset to the first 3 pins on a 4 pin connector

    just be aware that the 212 evo (its a little faster but) is quite noisy at full speed, so you may want to pick up a fan controller to spare some annoyance
  2. the 3pin motherbd connector cannot control the speed of the fan so it will run at max speed. Other than the extra noise, which may not bother you, it will run just fine.
  3. If I am not mistaken the Hyper 212 Plus comes with an adapter connector.
  4. jemm said:
    If I am not mistaken the Hyper 212 Plus comes with an adapter connector.

    no, mine didn't
  5. Adapter connector is for molex power,you don't need to use it.
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