Cooler Master Storm Trooper. Issues with top panel.

Hey all, I have a problem here. The fans that came with the case connect to the top panel, which has multiple I/O slots and also doubles as a fan controller for the stock fans. Well, the I/O works, however the fans do not. On top of that, the power button and fan controller buttons are supposed to have a red led... they aren't working. The LED problem I think I know what is wrong with that. According to my motherboard manual there was a spot for a PLED 2 pin connector. I never found this connector. The fans not working however, I have no clue.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has owned this case and/or can give me some advice as how to start fixing this. I hope to hear from someone. Thanks.
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  1. you did connect the 4 pin molex didnt you?

    if not then the fans wont work and the power button and fan controller buttons leds wont light up

    this should make it clearer for you
  2. After some searching there was a 4 pin molex that I missed. I was so sure I plugged everything in but it must have hid itself on the side of the PSU during the build. Fans work now along with the controller, thanks :).
  3. thought it might have been that :D

    though to be fair to you theres a lot of wires in the case-- when i got mine it took a bit of thinking about as

    the instructions were very poor
  4. Yeah the instructions for the case were a little bare. The picture were descriptive enough for a person to get an idea of what to do, but a little explanation wouldn't hurt :l.
  5. I would contact Cooler Master Support. They were extremely helpful to me. I placed a ticket and they identified a problem with the top panel on my HAF 922 and sent a replacement. I am not saying you have something wrong with yours but I am sure they could guide you through what you are dealing with.
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