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CAT6 to HDMI to HDTV...query

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My house is wired with CAT6 from the computer room running to the living room. About 25' +/- with corners etc.

I am currently running the CAT6 through the Playstation3 and using it as a server...GARBAGE, it recognizes half of the video or music I have directed it to see (using TVersity pro, and WMP as well).

I want to; run the CAT6 from my PC, to the TV and convert it to HDMI ( I have ordered this in anticipation of resolving the issue

Anywho, am I going to need a server or hub to make it work? In a perfect world I would open VLC media player, add a few videos to my playlist, then walk into the next room and relax???
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    That unit you ordered only works with its base unit p/n B126-002 which is over $100.

    From what I think you want to do, you can use an HDMI cable hooked to your video card's HDMI output. This would go into an cat5/6 adapter (you'll need to run 2 cat5/6 lines) thru the cat5/6 and into another adapter and then HDMI cable into your tv. This will cost anywhere from $25 to 100 depending one the converter you choose. Something like these

    or you can run a single 25" hdmi cable instead of two cat5/6 lines for under $25
    25' -
    30' -
  2. poop, yeah that makes sense...
    my ATI Radeon HD 4800 only has Dvi and Super S video out...time to upgrade and get a 25 foot hdmi cord it seems

    I was told SOME Dvi can transmit audio, any truth to that?
  3. I ordered a DVI to HDMI cable, then ran independent sound...hokey, but better 1/3 as cheap as full HDMI cable and new video card... thanks guys
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