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Hello, I have an emachines w6409 and I have already upgraded my ram to 2gb and was wondering if I were to install a Radeon 5570 card if it would improve my gaming preformance much or for that matter at all over the currently installed Radeon express 200.
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  1. It would make a significant improvement in your gaming experience
  2. I Concur
  3. From what you had yes you will see a difference. To play the top games of today not so good if at all. Your ram is very limited. Your system was not ment for gaming
  4. A 6770 would be much nicer if you're willing to spend $95 ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150560). It's a pretty significant step up from the cards just cheaper than it.
  5. It would help a ton the 5570 is an ok card for causal gamers and the card I actually have in my cheap computer (until I save to build one). Also it won't max out your (and my) crappy PSU so thats why I had to get it.
  6. The 5670 was too close to the maximum rating of my PSU so had to scrap that idea. I know that the PSU's that come in pre built computers can't handle much.
  7. An HD 5670 would be great. Your power supply can handle it fine - it draws 60w at max. I used one for a year with my OEM 300w PSU. I loved it - it can play any game out there.
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