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Hello :)

I'm wondering if I connect my cooler directly to PSU cable will it makes to work 100% of his power?
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  1. yes, if you connect a fan direcly via molex or whatever you plan to use, it will run at 100%
  2. I'm planning to cut the white thing on top of wires and that connect it directly at 4 pin connector, the 1 u put in CD-ROM. 1 more thing I have 3 wires. 1 of them is for a speed control, and I don't want to connect it at all. Which one is that? I want a full power :)

  3. look ontop of the connector (fan side) there should be 2 bumps ontop of it, the 3 wires inbetween are the ones you want, the 4th is the PWM control
  4. just tell it in bios to operate at 100% all of the time, much safer and simpler, set the target temp to something silly like 20C
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