I turn my computer on and my monitor goes staright to power save mode why is tha

I really don't know what the problem is so I may have clicked the wrong sub category.Anyways when I turn my computer on,a windows xp desktop compaq presario my monitor comes on and then goes straight to power save mode.Why is that?
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  1. It could be that your monitor isn't connected to the right video output. Check at the back of the computer for VGA, HDMI and DVI ports that you can connect the monitor to. Also, if the monitor supports multiple inputs, check that it is set to either automatically detect which input to display or that it is set to display the input you are using, e.g. analog for the old style VGA connectors.
  2. +1 Check all cables are connected tight. No I don't think you clicked on something. What kind of a Graphic card do you have? please repost
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