Overclocking Phenom ii x4

can anyone give me the procedure on how to overclock cpu ?

My SPecs -

phenom ii x4 960T black edition
msi NF750-G55
2x Gtx 550 ti in SLI
Corsair TX 750 V2
Coolermaster Hyper TX 3

I want to know how to overclock in bios settings ? or can i also use software ?

what's the differene between sofware overclocking and bios overclocking ?

Is my psu fit for these specs and overclocking ?

if anyone donw it before , let me know the volts and multiplier .Also what is multiplier and whats is its significance ?

Can i Unlock its 6 Cores ?
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  1. Check out the black edition clocking guide over in the overclocking section,
    A lot of your questions are already answered in there, and we'll fill in any other parts for you
  2. You can try and unlock the disabled cores, the 960T actually has them. Use the the Core Calibration function in your bios. Please noe that you arenot guarranteed to have working 'extra' cores.
  3. In my eyes its not worth attempting to unlock them for gaming, the extra voltage to power them will up your temps and won't help any,
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