Upgrading laptop video card

Hi, first of all thank you for reading and at least trying to help
i was wondering if its possible to upgrade my video card on my
Sony vaio vgn-cs16g, i have a huge budget
any answer will be appreciated
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  1. No. buy a new laptop with a better video card or buy a desktop.
  2. Just to offer some clarification, 99% of the time, video cards in laptops are actually integrated on the motherboard. So there isn't a card that you can pop out and pop a new one in. Hence, the reply. To get a better video card in a laptop, you need to get a better motherboard. And if you're going to that, you might as well buy a new laptop.

    Alternatively, if you're looking to get in to serious gaming, like the previous poster mentioned, you may want to consider building your own desktop computer specifically for gaming and keep the laptop for everything else on the go.

    Hope that helps. =)
  3. i would say more 80% of the time you cannot, i have seen alot of toshiba's and acer's with removable video cards but then you gotta factor in the cooling isnt going to handle a higher end video card nor power it anyhow.

    If you want serious gaming buy a desktop, if you want a gaming laptop its going to be expensive for something proper.
  4. And so rather than answer the guys question....

    I think your laptop has a MOBO integrated 9600M - so you won't be able to swap.
    There are now many (many) laptops where you can indeed swap out your cards and many people do just that. Clevo, MSI, Alienware and many others do this
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