Trouble when powering up my system

So, here in my city, you can say we have pretty frequent power outages. At first, I had no big problems, when an outage would happen I'd just unplug everything from the sockets until it gets back on to minimize the risk. If I had money to spend, I'd invest in a protector a long time ago.

Anyway, few weeks ago, we had a power outage. When the power came back, I plugged everything back it and pushed the power button to start it but nothing happened. Since I had some problems with the power cable and the socket (my computer would turn off if I move the cable) in the past i thought it had something to do with that. Tried messing around with it and nothing happened. Then I tried plugging and unplugging the power cable and turning the switch at the back of my PSU on and off and then pushing the power button. After a few rounds of doing this, the computer finally started. It worked absolutely normal, even under load. I had the same case once more.

I ignored this hoping it was nothing but in the last 10 days or so my computer would have trouble starting cold and it progressed to having trouble starting after shutting it down normally. I generally used the plug-unplug method until it starts, but few days ago I have noticed that if i hold the power button for a couple of seconds it would start without any of the previous I had to do. It still performed excellent, no matter how long it stayed on.

I used to charge my cellphone via the USB cable, which would previously always have power when the system's off. Since the trouble with not being able to turn on after turning it off, I have noticed that the USB cable loses power immediately after a normal shutdown.

Anyway, today it wouldn't start at all. I tried plenty of things. First I tried the things I was previously doing, nothing worked. I checked all the connections, internal and external. Changed the power socket. Shorted the battery to reset BIOS. Checked if the power button switch is working with some tools, it did. I went online and found this method to short the 24pin green and black wires to power on the PSU by itself. I unplugged it from the motherboard, shorted it and it started, it even turned on a secondary cooler with a led light in my case. Next thing i wanted to do is to short it while it's connected to the motherboard, but this wouldn't work - it would get no reaction. I tried shorting the "POWER SW(itch)" thing on the motherboard, nothing.

Is there anything else I can try? I don't have any backup PSUs unfortunately. This seems to me like a PSU or motherboard problem, and since I ignored it over time it gone worse. But what confused me is that the PSU started when disconnected from the motherboard after shorting it. Also, that the PC, when it would eventually turn on, would work just fine, like always. I wanted to ask you guys for your opinion to possibly avoid taking it to the service.

Thank you!
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  1. Most likely the PSU is on its way out. Leaking cap can cause this. I would save for another PSU or if you can buy one from a retailer such as bestbuy and use the PSU for awhile and see if your problems is gone. If so you know its the PSU. If not return the PSU for your money and use that to try a new board if you don't already have 1 laying around.

    Also I get power outages pretty often here as well, usually from a rain storms. and sometimes it would flicker on and off real fast and the computer isn't acting right. I have to full unplug the computer for 10 or so min before the computer starts up normally, thats on a corsair GS700. What you can try to do is power off the PC and unplug it from the wall. and hold down the Power button on the front of the case fro 30 - 60 sec and plug it in and power it on.

    Also try a different outlet in you home if you can, I had a ground issue in 1 outlet and the PC wouldn't properly boot up.
  2. Hey, thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention that my computer started getting noisy since the last week, thought it was some of the fans because of the really high air temperatures these days.

    I tried your suggestions but nothing worked unfortunately, it just won't power on anymore.

    Could I identify bad capacitors if I opened up my PSU case? If this is indeed the cause, are they replaceable?

    If not, I will just have to get another PSU so I can test it out.

    UPDATE: I moved my case to plug it in the kitchen power socket yesterday, didn't work. Today I've noticed that I had left it plugged in there and tried to turn it on and it did. But as soon as I turned it off, it wouldn't turn back on. Now I brought back the case back to my room where all the peripherals are... I'll leave it on and try tomorrow :/
  3. Just an update for anyone else who has similar problems.

    I took my PC to an electronics workshop and the guy successfully repaired it for a price of about 15$. He said that the capacitors were bad and that it should be fine now.
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