NVIDIA GeForce GTX560 Drivers won't install.

Hey guys, :)

For Christmas I recieved a ASUS GTX560 DirectCU 1GB Graphics/video card, The card is fully connected PROPERLY no issues but I have one BIG problem. I have downloaded the driver installation suggested by my PC and by the NVIDIA Driver Scan (285.62) and everytime I go to run the NVIDIA installer application on the 1 out 5 installation categories on the very first one the 'System Check' it gives me this error:


These are my PC specs:


I have downloaded the correct drivers and really need this to be installed. Somebody please help :-)

Thanks very much to anyone who can help me, Happy new year everybody have a safe 2012 :-)

Thanks, Macca.
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  1. Apparently, the driver installation pgm isn't seeing an Nvidia card. That could mean your card isn't seated properly, or your card is faulty. Or your PCIe x16 slot is defective. Have you had a working card in that slot before? Do you have both 6 pin PCIe power cables plugged into the card?
  2. Widows update, keep clicking on windows update.
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