Should I buy a used rig, or new custom parts?

I've been looking to build myself a decent gaming rig that I can also do multitasking/recording on for a little while now (my xps laptop just doesn't cut it). I've run across a $200 shipped radeon 6950, and I think I'm going to try and build a computer around it since it seems like a pretty good deal. My question is, should I just buy custom parts and try and build my own computer, or just use a rig one of my buddies is trying to sell?

My friend's rig has a rampage III formula mobo, intel i7 950 @3.06ghz, 8gb of mushkin blackline ram, and 750w modular power supply. He also said its all in a fractal design r3, but I have no idea what that means. He wants to sell that for $400.

If I didn't get that, I would probably budget around $500 for parts besides the gpu. I would also want at least an i5, but I have no idea about mobos, ram, or psu. Can someone let me know if the other rig is a good deal, or if I could get a better deal seeking deals online?

ps. I need to know before this Friday, as that's when I'll be visiting this friend (we live in different states).

Thanks in advanced!
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  1. Sorry, only 6gb of ram
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    you should go and buy your friend's build. Those parts easily go over the $500 mark. The fractal design r3 is a computer case, designed around dampening the noise your build produces.

    the case goes for around $100 new
    about $260 for the intel i7 950
    power supply is around $120 if it is gold rated (efficiency) and goes down by each rating (silver, bronze, just 80+ efficiency)
    motherboard is above $100 for sure but i can't find the price

    with just the 4 parts (without the motherboard) you are already above $400. Get your friend's, great deal on his rig. The only thing is, you may have to get a video card since i don't see any in his build (should be in your budget since you are willing to spend $500 + video card for your own build)
  3. josgilmore said:
    Sorry, only 6gb of ram

    Your friend's build seems like a pretty nice deal. I'd go for that. Although, I'd advise using the rule I use for buying cars, you shouldn't buy cars from friends. Just in case something goes wrong with it and your friendship is in jeopardy over it.
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